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 For jewelry photographyThe light of the photographic study wraps the objects to 360° eliminating the shadows and illuminating completely any kind of material. Thanks to the rotating arm, it is possible to have an exhaustive point o view of every object, without the use of supports or implantations.GEM PHOTO LUX STUDIO ALLOWS YOU TO 


“ALO PHOTO SCAN 5″ (APS 5) camera control software, requires a remote controllable camera or image sensor and a Windows PC: It represents great help to speed-up and simplify the jewels photography: choosing the photo type (i.e.: 40x30mm for ring, 120x90mm for a bracelet etc.) the PC will configure automatically the camera (obtaining results standardized for […]

ERP for jewelry

ERP studied and realized with the latest information technologies in order to offer a high flexible system. Here follows some of its main features: User access with user name and password. User activity low-level monitoring. Conditional access to any window depending on the user or group.