Alo Photo Scan 4 (APS4)

Alo Photo Scan is the innovative software that is studied in order to fulfill each company aspiration to produce BOXhigh resolution digital photographic shots, fast, inside their own office.

The software can control the camera 360° allowing anyone to be a photographer in seconds.

Actually no photography skill is required thanks to this solution!

By the use of Alo Photo Scan you can get:

  • very high resolution pictures
  • photos taken in 10 seconds
  • completely white background
  • 1:1 actual size pictures
  • video creation with YouTube pubblication
  • product database and catalogue production wizard
  • Catalogue composition on paper, PDF, Internet, YouTube and iPad
  • MOVE function that allows to create outstanding interactive video

ALO PHOTO SCAN 4 (APS4) camera control software, requires a remote controllable camera or image sensor and a Windows PC:

It represents great help to speed-up and simplify the jewels photography: choosing the photo type (i.e.: 40x30mm for ring, 120x90mm for a bracelet etc.) the PC will configure automatically the camera (obtaining results standardized for size, exposure etc.); it shows on the monitor the pre-rotated preview; at shooting, it immediately download the photo from camera to PC (time reduced of 90%); “auto white background” exclusive function; the possibility to store and recall “crop windows” in the frame, to cut-out a specific shape (useful for 1:1 printings); image tones adjustment function, layers management, save for web function to save images in many user defined image presets, video functions and many other functions.

For jewelry photography

The light of the photographic study wraps the objects to 360° eliminating the shadows and illuminating completely any kind of material.

Thanks to the rotating arm, it is possible to have an exhaustive point o view  of every object, without the use of supports or implantations.


 Move Function

The Move function allows to create outstanding interactive 3D video.
The photo studio can be equipped with 2 additional motors, that allow to handle a 4 axis movement thanks to the following properties:
  • rotating arm
  • turn table
  • camera on axis rotation
  • digital zoom




The price is meant for up to three installations in different hardware.

Price: 649 USD

APS4 Program Download here

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