iAlo for IPAD and Android

iAlo – Catalogue module for IPAD and Android
Tablet-PC is a very innovative device and gives today the opportunity to interact with customers and office from anywhere in the world thanks to mobility connection.
iAlo, designed in perfect Apple style, natively integrates by synchronizing its database and images directly by Alo’ – ERP for Jewelry and Alo Photo Scan.

Items get organized by Family, Group, Subgroup, they can be searched by an internal search engine and browse though data in list mode or in slideshow mode. Each item is listed along with its code, Metal, Title, Weight and Price.

All this ease the interaction with customers, who will be able to have a deeper look at each item picture, magnifying any detail by a simple finger tap. Hardware not included.
Integrated Order Management System: barcode reading, email order confirmation, printing, XML data Hardware not included.

Price: 655 USD